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The Most Technologically Advanced Products in the Industry

Ultraflote's state-of-the-art covers are constructed of the highest-quality materials available, and can be customized by our experienced, talented engineers to make sure they conform to your project's unique needs. We've installed over 15,000 projects at sites around the world, tailored for anything and everything.

Airtight, Lightweight Flat Panel Covers

Ultraflote aluminum flat panel covers don’t rust, corrode or succumb to inclement weather, but they’re still so lightweight, they make installation a quick and painless undertaking. More importantly, they’re secured enough to keep potable liquids safe and the odors of not-so-potable liquids contained. That’s why these options make for ideal municipal solutions: nothing gets in, nothing gets out. Tank owners know that no matter what the conditions, their products will remain unaltered and unharmed.

As with everything Ultraflote offers, our flat panel covers are constructed out of nothing less than the highest-quality aluminum and affixed with our own patented seals for the most airtight fit. Thanks to our team of engineers working with the most updated technology, we can customize our covers to meet any and every possible need and provide all the services required to get your purchase installed on time, on budget and befitting the high standard of quality that Ultraflote prides itself on.

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Because we design our flat panel covers for maximum protection against contamination and evaporation, they make for ideal roofing solutions in a wide range of situations. They trap and gather odors so they can be processed through a filter and kept out of the atmosphere.

Water and Wastewater
Our flat panel covers seal in odors while keeping out the elements. Municipalities around the world have taken advantage of our product in both wastewater and potable water tanks. Nothing freezes, and nothing escapes – no matter the liquid, no matter the climate.

Refinery Petroleum
Our flat panel covers reduce vapors, odors and evaporation and are ideal for use in refinery settings to store petroleum and other chemicals used in the oil & gas industry.

Because flat panel covers make for ideal wastewater control solutions, they can be used in brewery, food processing and other industrial settings.

Ultraflote has provided flat panel covers to military operations around the world.

Finned Seal Flat Cover
Thanks to custom extrusions and a carefully-designed system of A frame support trusses and airtight seals, our quad seal flat covers are ideal for odor control. The interlocking seams between panels reduces evaporation and traps vapors for a safer storage solution. They are designed to cover a maximum of 38 feet of space, though trusses may be added for larger applications, and accommodate most span/loading combinations without overtaxing existing equipment.

Ultraflote flat panel covers, no matter their design, feature benefits that make them ideal for water, wastewater, refinery, industrial and military applications, including:

Trapping and Gathering Odors
Our flat covers are designed to trap odors and vapors, stopping them from entering the atmosphere and storing containing them for further treatment. This also reduces the amount of pollution.

Process Stabilization
Our flat covers protect the liquids below them from sunlight, wind, cold, rain or snow fall, and other environmental factors that can upset or de-stabilize the microbiological processes that are being used. Many times, this alone can dramatically reduce odors, reduce maintenance, and improve efficiencies which all can lower operating costs.

Easily Removed
Easy installation begets easy removal. We have made our airtight seals simple to pop open and allow workers access inside the tank in the event maintenance on equipment is required.

All of Ultraflote’s flat panel covers can be customized to fit a client’s unique industrial and environmental needs. We are able to add and subtract trusses, frames and other structural elements to fit any tank.

Minimal Maintenance
Aluminum does not corrode, and only the most high-end metals are acceptable when crafting an Ultraflote cover. We design all of our products to last, so they require little to no maintenance for the entire life of the tank itself.

All of the Ultraflote flat panel covers come with major technical advantages to make sure your tanks keep fumes in while keeping the weather — and anything else that might cause harm to your product — out.

Long Life, Virtually Maintenance-Free
Because Ultraflote only constructs its designs out of the highest-grade aluminum, your product will not corrode, rust or sustain damage in inclement weather scenarios. We build our covers to last the entire lifespan of your tank, and our flat panel covers are latched firmly into place with heavy-duty seals. In the event repairs are needed, however, we provide the maintenance crew needed to get the job done.

Easily Removable
Although our panel seals are designed to trap vapors and odors for further processing and keep them from escaping into the atmosphere as pollutants, the panels can be easily popped open to ensure expedient, easy removal whenever workers need to enter the tank for inspections, tests or other reasons.

Customized to Meet Your Needs
We can customize any of flat panel cover to be sure it fits the size of your tank. This includes expanding it if necessary, as well as adding seals, walkways, skylights and other accessories to ensure every requirement you have, be it legal, environmental, structural or industrial, is fulfilled.

Options include open vents with bird and/or insect screens, goosenecks, commercial exhaust vents, air intake vents and more.

Access Hatches
Available in various sizes, and with or without safety grates.

Removable Guardrail and Handrail
For safe access on and around the flat panel. Available in a variety of materials including pipe and angle.

Odor Control Penetrations
For connection of duct work. Many sizes available to match your duct work.

Flanged Nozzles
Available in a wide variety of sizes for mounting equipment and as instrumentation.

Skylights or Viewports
These allow natural light to enter the tank when necessary or for viewing process elements.